All Bodies Welcome!

All Bodies Welcome!

All Bodies Welcome!

One of the things I often experience with clients is when they apologize to me for issues with their bodies. It could be "sorry, I haven’t shaved my legs" or "sorry, my feet need a  pedicure" or "sorry, I have gained 10 pounds over the winter” (yeah, me too). And what I always remind my clients is that my treatment room and massage table are a No Judgment Zone.

As a trained massage professional, I have worked on and seen all different types of bodies: different ages, many sizes and abilities. So many of us, especially women, have the same shake-ups. It can be very uncomfortable removing clothing and being seen by a new practitioner. You’re brave for showing up, and it takes a level of vulnerability and trust between the therapist and client.

It’s time to drop the expectations that our bodies should be perfect. All bodies are beautiful, all bodies are carrying us through our daily world.

Be gentle on yourself and the expectations you have of perfection of your body.  Release that fear. Whether you choose massage or another modality, take care of your body - it’s the only one you have. ❤️

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